Teaching Statement

My Teaching Experience

As an Instructor

I have taught a course, a lab, and conducted multiple math review sessions at Simon business school. I was the sole instructor for MSM 491 – Math for Management during the past two years (2018 and 2019).  MSM 491 is a 2-credits course for incoming MBA students and it is offered each summer. The course focus on quantitative methods and statistical analysis with applications in business, economics, and related areas. MSM 400 – Math Review is a zero credit, short term (5 days), Math review session to bring incoming MBA/MS students “up to speed” with respect to the mathematical and statistical knowledge expected of them. It is offered 2-3 times a year and I was the instructor for the past two years.

Prior to starting my PhD program, I also had the opportunity to teach part-time at Rajagiri Business School, a regional school close my hometown in India. Though it was only for one quarter. I taught two courses, Operations Management and Quality Management.

As a lab instructor/Teaching assistant

I was the lab instructor for OMG 402 – Operations Management in 2017, during when I conducted after-class review sessions to go through practice problems and discuss concepts in core operations management course taken by MBA students. Furthermore, I have been the teaching assistant for multiple courses, including HSM 437- Managing Health Care Operations, GBA 463 – Economics & Marketing Strategy, and GBA 462 – Core Statistics.


What courses can I teach?

As an assistant professor, I would love to teach (1) “classical” courses in operations management including service management, logistics and supply chain management, quality management and (2) quantitative oriented courses including quantitative business modelling, pricing and revenue management, and statistical analysis.

My time as TA for HSM 437 taught by Prof. Vera Tilson has allowed me a unique opportunity to experience classroom and teaching style used in specialized programs such as MS in Medical Management.  I also received training on how to design and teach effectively online classes by taking the course EDE 484 –Online Teaching and Learning from Warner School of Education. Hence, I can teach in both classroom and online format.

Final Thoughts

I received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur, which is one of the premier schools in engineering in India. Therefore, in addition to observing and learning from business school professors, I had the opportunity to attend classes in operations management related subjects from professors in an engineering school. I recognize the importance of employing a variety of assessment tools and teaching techniques.

At Simon, I was fortunate to hone my teaching skills by interacting with talented students in MBA/Executive MBA/MS/Part-time MBA programs, belonging to diverse demographics, cultural and educational backgrounds. I have experience in teaching both undergraduate and graduate students as well as both domestic and international students. Because of the nature of the courses I taught, I know some of the challenges and preparations needed when teaching students from various backgrounds, be it an international student in MS program who is fresh out of undergraduate college or a domestic part-time MBA student who is a mid-level manager who finished college two decades ago. 

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